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Reinforce the clinical knowledge and skills that matter most

Medical students are bombarded with critical information they must put to use in clinical settings long after it’s presented – and typically when they least expect it. There’s no room for forgetting when a patient’s care lies in the balance.

Developed at Harvard Medical School to combat the “forgetting curve”, Qstream’s approach has been validated in more than 20 randomized trials to boost retention by up to 170% and durably change practice patterns.

Using Qstream, brief scenario-based challenges are delivered over spaced intervals of time to ensure that students’ skills are progressively strengthened. After a specific scenario is answered correctly twice, it is retired and points are awarded in a game-based competition.

Real-time feedback lets users immediately know if their answer selection is correct, followed by rich-media explanations and social collaboration tools that make learning stick.

With 94% engagement on average, students say they enjoy the simplicity and convenience of accessing Qstream from any mobile device — anytime, anywhere.