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User Experience

With Qstream, clinicians play a game in 3 minutes a day on their mobile device or laptop. Simple, scenario-based questions challenge users and keep their knowledge sharp. Built-in game mechanics drive user engagement and keep them coming back for more.

Mobile Convenience
Qstream runs in any iOS, Android or Windows desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone environment via Qstream's native app, email or Web mail.

Powerfully Simple
In just minutes every few days, clinicians respond to a new challenge with just a click. A resulting answer page is supported by rich media and social interaction. Questions are repeated over spaced intervals until the content is mastered.

Fun and Engaging
Built-in game, reputation and social mechanics, such as scoring, leader boards and integrated blogs, create positive competition and ensure strong user engagement. Users can be grouped into teams to compete for top scores on leader boards with up-to-the-minute rankings.

Daily User Notifications
Notification formats include email and push notifications to mobile apps. Notifications can be placed on vacation hold so you’ll never miss a question.

Synchs Across Devices
Qstream optimizes growing investments in organizational tablet and smartphone deployments with sophisticated technology that synchs questions and other information so it’s always up to date regardless of which device is used.

Multiple Languages
Full Unicode support lets you deploy Qstream in 15 languages out of the box, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more.

Delivery Engine

We provide a comprehensive set of tools to help you deploy and manage your Qstream with ease.

Adaptive Delivery 
Developed at Harvard, the patent-pending Qbot algorithm personalizes question delivery to optimize knowledge retention and user engagement based on your learning objectives, user performance and game setup.

Browser-based Authoring
Intuitive authoring tools let subject matter experts quickly assemble Qstream questions, answers and explanations via any Web browser. Qstream supports multi-author environments with centralized publishing control. Online preview functions enable content review and testing prior to launch.

Multiple Question Types, Rich Media Support
Select from multiple choice, multiple correct, fill in the blank, surveys, and more. Questions can be text only or include rich media such as high-quality images, video, podcasts, PDFs and more. Images are automatically scaled to size for delivery on different devices. No plugins required.

Flexible Controls
Qstream gives system admins significant control over how their site operates, including privacy settings, audience restrictions, comment publishing and content review processes. Also set question frequency, schedule, mastery requirements and completion instructions.

Browseable Online Catalog
Authors can publish their Qstreams to an online catalog restricted to authorized users or publicly available to anyone. Catalogs can be customized with Qstream descriptions, author information, user reviews and ratings, and metadata tagging.

Your Site, Your Brand
Easy-to-use tools let you quickly customize the look and feel of your private Qstream site, adding logos and messages to your home page, catalog and notification emails.

User Registration Options
Batch registration let admins upload thousands of users in one go, including user tagging, default language and custom welcome message. Welcome emails include account info and the first Qstream question. Sites can also be configured to offer self-registration and open enrollment.

Performance Packs

Qstream Performance Packs make it easy for healthcare organizations and others to support a variety of learning initiatives and applications by matching the amount of content, level of competition and duration with the optimal mix of game mechanics.

Performance Pack Methodology
Unlike other solutions that employ animated game environments featuring badges and avatars to engage users and drive results, Qstream Performance Packs are designed for ease of use out of the box and do not require development resources.  A complex balance of built-in motivational elements and incentives support Qstream’s underlying methodology for long-term knowledge retention and data collection.

Performance Pack Engine
The Qstream Performance Pack Engine provides two easy ways to optimize game structure. Choose from dozens of settings, including scoring rules, leaderboard configurations, aliases, frequency and repetition intervals, mastery requirements and more; or select a template featuring pre-set options based on best practices.

Reporting & Analytics

Qstream keeps a pulse on clinician knowledge and skills, capturing dynamic data on the capabilities of every user, every day. We do this by engaging users in fun, scenario-based challenges delivered to their mobile device. A sophisticated analytics engine takes it from there, providing insights that ensure your healthcare team has the knowledge and skills that matter most.

Powerful Data Collection Engine
Qstream’s data collection engine captures dozens of critical data points on a daily basis and instantly transforms them into actionable insights that can be combined with other performance metrics for a complete picture of workforce capabilities.

Real-time Dashboards
A management dashboard puts real-time data at your fingertips. Comparing results over time and across groups lets managers continuously monitor team strengths and proactively respond to issues before they can impact quality of care.

Detailed Management Reports
A range of summary and detailed reports highlight activity levels and opportunities for tailored coaching. Report access can be configured to allow executives at all levels of the organization to access information about their teams.

Multi-Dimensional Insights
A flexible tagging system can be used to analyze knowledge and skills in unlimited ways. Tag users by location, unit, job title, expertise, tenure and more. Reports can be easily sorted on multiple dimensions by adding or updating tags at any time.

Qscore Performance Benchmark
Qscore is an onboard metric used to rate the capabilities of an individual clinician or team by calculating engagement and performance scores into a single number. Managers can use Qscore to observe relative changes in performance.

Third-Party Integration

Designed for secure, large-scale deployments, Qstream uses a highly secure multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure. There is no software to install. It's the ideal solution for regulated industries where the security of user information and content is mission critical.

Rock-Solid Reliability and Security
Qstream’s infrastructure includes multiple redundancies to ensure ultimate reliability and scale during peak usage times. Our dedicated network operations team manages security, performance and reliability, backed by an automated monitoring system. Extensive user- and role-based security protects the integrity of your valuable user data, analytics and content.

Single Sign-On
Qstream supports single sign-on (SSO) technologies, including Okta, cookie-based SSO solutions and LDAP. This gives organizations the ability to centralize Qstream access control within their common IT security policies, and eliminates the need for users to manage additional login credentials.

Qstream API
With the Qstream API, functions such as user management and enrollment can be automated and integrated with an external LMS, HRIS and other systems. This is ideal for adding new hires, removing former employees or enrolling users in Qstream based on job role or location tags, for example. SmartLinks technology is provided user data with third-party systems.

Starter Services

Our 90-day Starter Services Pack lays the foundation for rapid success. Services include implementation, training, launch and premium support services to maximize knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices.

Project Planning
An experienced account manager provides guidance and assistance in all phases of implementing and launching your branded Qstream site. This includes a project kickoff meeting and project plan with client-specific task, role and information requirements.

Prior to launch an account manager will assist with important tasks such as branding, site settings, leader board set up and scoring, evaluation of content effectiveness, report setup including management groups and hierarchies, and user registration, enrollment and tagging.

Launch Communications
The key to an effective Qstream launch is rapid adoption. Our services team is available to share best practices and examples of effective internal launch communications, including welcome emails, FAQs and promotions.

Administrator Training
Qstream offers customized training for site administrators and authors (two 45-minute Webcasts). Additional support includes access to Qstream’s best-practices library with helpful tips for writing effective questions and managing successful rollouts.

Premium Support
The Qstream Starter Services Pack includes up to 90 days of start-up support for your implementation team via phone and email. This includes direct access to a dedicated account manager. Qstream’s Customer Support team provides email support for your end users.