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Qstream is the powerfully simple way to improve the knowledge and skills of busy clinicians

Qstream combines mobile, science and gamification in a powerfully simple solution that’s helping today’s healthcare leaders reinforce the knowledge and skills that matter most.

Developed at Harvard Medical School, Qstream engages your clinicians in fun, challenge competitions they enjoy – and delivers the real-time insights that supervisors depend on – to ensure patient safety, and more.

What Makes Qstream Different?

 Built for Busy Healthcare Professionals. Qstream is built for the way that clinicians work. Using our native mobile apps or Webmail, Qstream takes only minutes a day, is non-disruptive to work time and ensures that the knowledge and skills that matter most will stick. With 94% average engagement rates, clinicians prefer it!

Clinically Proven. Qstream is the only solution whose effectiveness has been clinically proven in rigorous scientific trials to enhance on-the-job performance and durably change behaviors with impact to patient outcomes – by letting clinicians play a “game” on the their phone or tablet in minutes a day.

Fast and Easy to Use. Delivered from the cloud to any mobile device, the award-winning Qstream platform is easy to use and deploy at scale. With all the security and reliability that IT demands, Qstream integrates seamlessly with third-party information systems and is available out-of-the-box in 15 languages.

Measurable. Qstream’s next-generation reporting and analytics engine instantly and continuously synthesize millions of data points into real-time “heat maps” and targeted improvement actions that ensure readiness and maximize the effectiveness of your CME investments.

Trusted by Leaders in Healthcare. Qstream is used by 13 of the top 15 pharmaceutical firms, numerous life sciences companies, leading medical centers and teaching schools to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.

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