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Qstream Microlearning Platform Recognized as Innovative Digital Solution for Type 2 Diabetes Management

Qstream was honored recently to be recognized with a cash prize of €30,000 (approximately $34,700) as a runners up in the Ascensia Diabetes Challenge, a global innovation competition focused on finding innovative digital solutions to support type 2 diabetes management. It's been an exciting journey and we’re delighted to contribute [...] Read More

The Ascensia Diabetes Challenge: Improving Quality of Life for Patients with Diabetes One Qstream at a Time

Ascensia Diabetes Care is a global medical device company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland that is focused on diabetes. The mission statement of the company is to empower people with diabetes through innovative solutions that improve their lives, with a specific emphasis on changing patient behavior. The company has 1,700 employees, an [...] Read More