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“Teacher of the Year”, Dr. Karen Sando, Challenges the Status Quo of Medical Education

University of Florida College of PharmacyEarlier this year, the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy named Dr. Karen Sando as its 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year – an award that acknowledges excellence, innovation and effectiveness in education. In a note to faculty, Dean Julie Johnson, Pharm.D. recognized Dr. Sando for her enthusiasm, approachability and excellence in teaching. “With a passion for cutting-edge learning techniques, she is seen as a true innovator in her field.”

Among other things, Dr. Sando credits the use of Qstream for her award. After receiving a faculty enhancement opportunity at the Harvard-Macy Institute last year, she became familiar with the benefits of the mobile platform. Her work there directly resulted in the implementation of Qstream for her students with the goal of improving knowledge retention and patient outcomes.

She describes her experience, saying, “initial results of my project showed that use of Qstream significantly increased student self-efficacy in knowledge objectives for the Top 200 drugs, and an overwhelming majority of the survey respondents agreed they wanted to use Qstream in other courses.”

Developed at Harvard Medical School, Qstream’s mobile healthcare education platform has been clinically proven in more than 20 randomized trials to boost retention by up to 170%, and durably change practice patterns. With Qstream, brief scenario-based challenges are delivered over spaced intervals of time to ensure that students’ skills are progressively strengthened. Real-time feedback lets users immediately know if their answer selection is correct, followed by rich-media explanations and social collaboration tools that make learning stick. Meanwhile, Qstream’s powerful analytics allow instructors to identify knowledge gaps and address them proactively, improving the retention of core concepts before the semester’s end.

In a recent blog post, Dr. Sando describes her inspiration to “challenge the status quo of how we educate so ‘binging and purging’ is a thing of the past.” Early adopters of Qstream like Dr. Sando are being recognized for transforming traditional curriculum with new methodologies and technology to make medical education convenient and engaging. For more success stories like Dr. Sando’s, visit our resources page.

Qstream’s award-winning platform is used by the world’s top medical centers and teaching schools to differentiate their clinical education programs and ultimately improve patient outcomes. With 94% engagement on average, students say they enjoy the simplicity and convenience of accessing Qstream from any mobile device at anytime, from anywhere. To learn how you can reinforce the medical knowledge and skills that matter most in minutes a day, request a demo.