Ideas that matter

The Secret Ingredient for a Great Qstream Experience

One of the most critical components for a successful Qstream is effective content. The challenge scenarios you deliver to your participants should be relevant, informative, and easy to understand. The explanations should both reinforce and clarify key messages that are directly tied to the objectives of the Qstream. In short, quality con [...] Read More

“Teacher of the Year”, Dr. Karen Sando, Challenges the Status Quo of Medical Education

Earlier this year, the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy named Dr. Karen Sando as its 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year – an award that acknowledges excellence, innovation and effectiveness in education. In a note to faculty, Dean Julie Johnson, Pharm.D. recognized Dr. Sando for her enthusiasm, approachability and excellence in [...] Read More

Modernizing healthcare education for a new, mobile generation

Given the speed of advances in healthcare technology and treatment protocol, educators must keep pace with an ever-changing body of medical knowledge, while also ensuring that their students can adopt and retain these critical concepts when treating patients. These challenges have taken on a greater sense of urgency as a new generation [...] Read More

International medicine embraces Qstream

Can mobile technology help fight some of the world’s most troublesome diseases? You bet – especially in resource-constrained environments of developing nations where specialists are often unavailable and staff turnover is high. Qstream users are putting the platform to work on the front lines of pandemics, making sure that busy cli [...] Read More

Can improving patient outcomes be as simple as playing a game?

What if docs could immediately improve the lives of their patients by engaging in a simple game on their smartphone in just minutes a day? It’s pretty powerful to think about. And a group of researchers did. A recent study conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System in Boston found t [...] Read More

“A wonderful way to reinforce concepts”

Feedback on Qstream from the latest evaluations sent to us by our customer, National Association of Continuing Education (NACE), says it all about the value of our approach to changing behaviors. "I like the short informative format with questions that will be remembered." "A good way to exercise the memory." "Excellent educa [...] Read More

Mobile solutions break down barriers for in-service healthcare training

It’s not surprising that we’ve become increasingly dependent on mobile technology. Push notifications deliver email, news alerts, opinions and games on demand to our mobile phones or tablets throughout the day. In today’s fast paced world, mobile technology enables us to work more efficiently and manage our challenging days. It’s [...] Read More

Understanding the spacing effect

Spun out of Harvard Medical School, Qstream uses an interactive “spaced delivery” methodology which is scientifically proven to increase knowledge retention from 3 months to 2 years. Essentially Qstream presents information and then reinforces it over spaced intervals of time. There is a proven neurophysiological basis for the sp [...] Read More

Teams, get ready!

Game mechanics are an integral part of the Qstream experience. Leaderboard competitions increase engagement levels and have a direct impact on mastery of the content. If users keep up with their questions, they will master the content. Leaderboards now include team competitions. Clinicians can be grouped into teams based on a client-de [...] Read More

The power of tagging

Qstream recently introduced a powerful and flexible tagging system for private Qstream sites. Users can be “tagged” with information such as sales region, business unit, country, job title, manager, specialty, and more. Tags are entirely client-defined and unlimited. Tags enable Qstream owners to look for trends in engagement, base [...] Read More